Historical information

This book was compiled by Sue Barnett at the request of the project participants from material gathered as part of the project "Beyond the Garden Wall". This project was devised and managed by a team at Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre Inc. with funding from the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development (VDPCD) under the "Images of Age' grant 2007. It involved conducting oral histories, reflection on the part of the participants through visual diaries, photography and painting. A short video of some of the gardens was also commissioned. All the elements came together during Seniors Festival in an exhibition held at the Augustine Centre, and opened by Jane Edmanson. At the request of the VDPCD, a modified exhibition was held in 2008 at 'Australia on Collins' during the 2008 Seniors Festival.
Sue Barnett and Jo Reitze (Mrs de Carteret) are Surrey Hills residents.

Physical description

This provides a snapshot of 20 gardens and the 22 passionate gardeners who created them. The prose provides a potted history of the gardeners and their philosophical approach, accompanied by portraits of them and cameo photos of their gardens, as well as a photo of the painting of the garden as seen by artist Jo Reitze. All the gardens were situated within the City of Boroondara and all the gardeners were over 60 years of age. Prose written by Sue Barnett; photography by Sue Barnett and Jo Reitze.