Historical information

This set of six original chairs (2 armchairs + 4 chairs) along with the dining table was originally used in the dining room of the Manse, the chaplains' residence. Upon completion of the Institute building in 1917, the Goldsmiths moved in after living for many uncomplaining years in a flat on Australia Wharf, which had “many disadvantages and discomforts”.
It was photographed in the Manse dining room by the reverend or Mrs Weller c. 1926.


It is not known when they were purchased or gifted. But they are likely originating from Europe.
Reverend Weller photographed the dining suite during his stay betwenn 1926-1929 (see item 1568).

Physical description

Wooden oakwood dining chairs with two heart-shaped carvings on the backrest. Two of the chairs have armrests. Eucalyptus green leather cushion seats. Canvas webbing underneath. Set of 6 original chairs used in the Manse.