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House Name Plate - Tarring

From the Collection of Ruyton Heritage Collection, Ruyton Girls' School, Kew 12 Selbourne Road Kew Victoria

Rectangular-shaped brass name plate for the house "Tarring". One screw-sized hole in each corner to allow name plate to be attached to a building, (total of four). Reverse of nameplate is flat.
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henty, henry, henty, marion, tarring, 12 selbourne road, kew, ruyton girls' school, kew
Historical information
Henry Henty and his wife Marion Anne Henty (nee McKellar) had ‘Tarring’, Kew built for their family in 1872. Their house was named for Tarring, Sussex, the Henty familys' ancestral home in the United Kingdom. The Henty family resided at ‘Tarring’, Kew until the death of Marion Henty in 1919. ‘Tarring’ was sold to Ruyton Girls’ School in 1920, and the School moved to the site, (now 12 Selbourne Rd, Kew) in that year. ‘Tarring’ was renamed ‘Henty House’ by Ruyton in honour of its original owners.
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