Historical information

This item and it’s associated canister (Cat.No. 0096.2) are of a style typical of German WW2 gas masks but the use of vinyl instead of rubber and the Spanish manufacture suggests post WW2 manufacture.

Physical description

German WW2-style full-face mask with single attached filter. Seven point harness. Separate lens. Olive green. Metal, vinyl, glass, leather, cotton webbing.

Inscriptions & markings

“DAGSA” and DAGSA logo on top surface of filter canister.
On white tape around filter canister -
“Dreager - Blanco” plus 20630 (ink stamp),
“Filtro. polivalente para mascara de guerra” (transl: Multipurpose filter for war mask)
“No arrancad la tapa protectora haste el instance de su utilizacion” (transl: do not tear off the protective cap until the moment of use)