Historical information

The photograph shows the coach owned by Mr Tom Malinn of Sardine Creek. It is in front of the Orbost Club Hotel in Nicholson Street, Orbost.
On lst Juy 1926, Tom Malin took over the horse drawn coach run from Orbost to Delegate. After a few years he obtained an International 2-3 ton truck. On his first trip to Bendoc he did not carry mail, but brought Miss Cunning, the first lady head teacher and collected ballot boxes. On his next trip (March 1930) he made history as the first mailman on this route to deliver mail in a motor vehicle. (info. Bendoc History)
Tom and Sophie Malinn farmed at Martin’s Creek. Sophie (nee Jensen) married Tom Malinn in 1926. Sophie’s family had run the historic “Danebo Hotel” at Martin’s Creek for many years, and in 1931, Tom and Sophie began farming at Martin’s Creek, initially cropping maize and beans.
The first hotel built in Orbost was the Club in 1885, an old wooden place on the corner built for J. A. Petersen of the Mitchell Hotel Bairnsdale, now known as the Victoria Hotel. Tom Maguire, a step­son of the late Mr. Petersen, carried on the club Hotel Orbost for 5 or 6 years. The property then came into the possession of Alfred Cooper, a Yorkshireman who purchased the freehold about 1890, pulled the building down and erected the present structure.


This is a pictorial history horse-drawn transport used widely in Orbost until the late 1920s

Physical description

A black / white photograph of a horse-drawn buggy with four men on the buggy and two mmen standing beside it, It is in front of the Orbost Club Hotel in Nicholson Street, Orbost..

Inscriptions & markings

on back - "Tom Malinn on coach run"