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Australian Red Ensign 1901 - 1903 - Australian Red Ensign 1901 - 1903 Design

From the Collection of Lara RSL Sub Branch McClelland Ave Lara Victoria

1901–1903 version
Australian/Commonwealth red ensign (1901–1903) Version
After being submitted to King Edward VII for approval the competition winning design which featured a southern cross with nine, eight, seven, six and five points respectively was standardised by the British Admiralty with the number of points on the four biggest stars of the southern cross set to seven, ostensibly to improve ease of manufacture. The original variety of points was an indication of the relative brightness of each star as it appeared in the night sky.
W. 119 cm H. 81 cm
Object Registration
red ensign, world war 1
Historical information
Red Ensign Flag was updated in 1908, the current Commonwealth star of seven points replaced the earlier six-pointed star
When Made
circ 1901-03
Part of a collection of Wold War I Flags obtained by Harry Groves.
Rare historical example of an Australian Flag.
Inscriptions & Markings
On top left hand side of the flag is inscribed "GROVES" and a cardboard note stating "This Australian Flag and other flags in the Gallery were brought home from the First World War by Harry Groves."
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22 Nov 2018 at 3:31PM