Historical information

These braces of the type known as ‘Police & Firemen’ were originally worn mostly by men wearing a uniform of some sort – police, firemen, members of the armed forces, postmen, other government officials etc. Later the braces were worn by men, mainly workmen, wanting a durable, good quality item to hold up their trousers. Braces are still worn occasionally by men today, mainly as a fashion item.


These braces have no known local provenance but are retained as an example of an item of clothing worn by men 100 years ago.

Physical description

These men’s braces have a loop of long heavy quality elasticized cotton held at the top with a metal clip and with the loop forming two long ends made by a leather clamp near the top. The ends of the two cords have metal clips and two leather straps at each end with eyelets for attachment to buttons. The top of the loop also has two leather straps with eyelets. The cords or loops are adjustable and are woven in red, blue and cream patterns.

Inscriptions & markings

Police & Firemen