Historical information

These three souvenir handkerchiefs were brought back to Australia after World War Two by James Godfrey. Flight Lieutenant James John Godfrey enlisted in World War Two in the Australian Air Force from Bessiebelle in western Victoria. He was attached to the British 8th Army under General Montgomery in North Africa and then took part in the landing in Sicily and the subsequent campaign through Italy. Before returning to Australia he travelled to Israel and Austria.


These handkerchiefs are retained, firstly as examples of souvenirs brought back to Australia from returning military personnel after World War Two and secondly as souvenirs belonging to James Godfrey who had connections with the Warrnambool district.

Physical description

.1 This is a small pink silk handkerchief with a fluted edge and with some embroidery in one corner with flowers and wording in green, yellow and orange.
.2 This is a small aqua-coloured silk handkerchief with a stitched edge and some stitched wording in one corner. Much of the edge stitching has been lost.
.3 This is a white silk handkerchief with a stitched edge and a stencilled image in one corner.

Inscriptions & markings

.1 Till we meet again
.2 Bethlehem
.3 Souvenir of Egypt