Historical information

Lorayne Branch's journey to write the definitive history of Henry Sutton received much impetus during this visit to the Ballarat School of Mines. 10 years later the book 'Henry Sutton: Innovative Man' was launched at the Federation University 'Ballarat School of Mines' campus.

Physical description

.1) Left to right: Rex Bridges (Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute), Graeme Hood (Federation University Electrical Engineering Lecturer), Lorayne Branch and Jarrod Watt (ABC Ballarat) are engrossed in 'all things Henry'.
.3) Descendant of Henry Sutton, Lorayne Branch (right) and University curator Clare Gervasoni stand in the Ballarat School of Mines Old Chemistry Building. Henry Sutton's early telephone would have 'rung' in this building.