Historical information

Token presented to the postmistress Miss Marianne Thomson from the citizens of Ringwood, 1st August 1913.

Physical description

Presentation to postmistress Miss Marianne Thomson, signed by the citizens of Ringwood on 1st August 1913. +Additional Keywords: Citizens of Ringwood

Inscriptions & markings

This token of Our esteem is presented to You by the Undermentioned Citizens of Ringwood on Your retirement from the position of Postmistress after thirty Years Honourable Service.
We take this Opportunity of thanking You for Your very many Acts of Kindness and Courtesy.
And in conclusion trusting that You will be long spared to enjoy the Rest You have so faithfully earned.
We have the privilege of Subscribing Ourselves.
Yours very Sincerely,
1st August 1913.
A.J.B.Aird, J.G.Aird, W.Aitken, J.C.Allan, H.E.B.Armstrong, L.F.Armstrong, A.D.Anderson, G.Anderson, M.Anderson, O.Anderson, T.Anderson, F.Baker, Bamford Bros, J.W.Barrett, E.Baxter, J.Bienvenu, A.Blood, G.Blood, H.Blood, I.Blood, S.Blood, W.J.Blood, L.Brakewell, G.Bray, G.T.Bruce, Mrs.Bruce, T.Burrows, W.H.Chamberlain, A.Chivers, R.E.Clarke, F.Clayton, J.Cooper, J.Cornelt, W.J.Craig, M.A.Crusswell, W.Cutts, Mrs W.Cutts, A.Daniel, F.Daniel, G.G.Davey, E.Davis, O.Delaney, M.Dickson, E.J.Evans, H.L.Falconer, N.Falconer, T.Falconer, T.S.Falconer, J.C.Fitzpatrick, P.Fitzpatrick, Mr.Geraghty, Mrs.Geraghty, H.Gerlach, A.Gowty, M.A.Grant, T.Grant J.P, M.R.Grant, A.E.Grant, T.W.Grant, A.D.Guthrie, H.Hamilton, C.Hams, A.Hann, E.Hann, Mrs.E.Hann, E.L.Hann, J.Hann, Harding, K.Henriques, J.Higginson, J.Hill, W.Hill, W.Hone, G.B.Howship, P.Howship, H.C.Howship, S.J.Kennedy, E.Keogh, J.P.Kiernan, A.King, Mrs.A.King, A.Kleinert, J.Knox Jr., T.Knox, H.C.Jones, J.Jones, T.H.Justice, W.N.Lamont, A.T.Langley, Mrs.Langley, F.D.Laurie, R.C.Layton, L.Leadbeater, A.Lindsay, J.Lothian, A.Loughnan, B.Mackinlay, E.Mackinlay, H.Mackinlay, W.Mackinlay, W.R.Mackinlay, C.L.Madden, N.Madden, J.J.Maggs, Miss.D.Maggs, A.Matthews, A.H.Miles, A.T.Miles, L.C.Miles, C.E.Miles, R.F.Miles, S.D.Miles, W.E.Miles, C.Mills, E.A.Milne, E.Molloy, J.Muldowney, M.Murphy, B.B.McAlpin, J.B.McAlpin, E.M.McDermott, W.McEwan, J.McGillivray, M.McGillivray, I.McLean, M.McGillivray, Miss McNamara, B.McSweeney, E.Parker, J.Parker, J.T.Pickett, E.Pollard, F.R.Pollard, H.Pollard, D.Porteus, OJ.Pratt, Mrs.OJ.Pratt, V.Rooney, V.T.Rooney, E.Russell, S.Scales, W.Smith, W.G.Smith, H.Stephenson, A.Stowell, R.Sutherland, Mrs.R.Sutherland, T.D.Thorne, J.Trainor, S.Unsworth, Miss.Unsworth, C.E.Walden, A.E.Walker, C.Wedge, G.T.Wiggin, E.White, J.M.White, F.Wilkins, J.Wilkins, R.G.Wilkins, E.Williams, C.R.Williams, L.Williams, P.G.Williams, T.V.Williams, W.G.Williams, W.S.Williams, Mrs.W.S.Williams, W.S.Williams Jr., D.Wright, M.Wright, A.D.Young, M.M.Young, P.T.Young, P.T.Young Jr., E.M.Davis, M.McAlpin, R.Sutton, E.W.Taylor. Also Miss Marianne Thomson