Historical information

Handout of the Beautiful Gardens of Ringwood Competition, 19th and 20th September, 1987.

Physical description

Foolscap typed sheet.

Inscriptions & markings

19th. & 20th. September, 1987.

The following is a list of the Prize-Winning Gardens in this years Garden Competition. A total of 16 gardens were submitted for judging. Points awarded by the judge are in brackets and are given from a maximum of 100.

Section 1: Home Garden - Street Frontage Exceeding 65 ft.(20 m.)
1st: Mr. B. Wheatley, 57 Oliver Street, Ringwood.(86)
2nd: Mr. K. Clark, 42 Bronhill Rd., Ringwood East.(67)
3rd: Mr. A. Blank, 28 Panorama Rd., Ringwood. (44)

Section 2: Home Garden - Street Frontage Not Exceeding 65 ft. (20 m.)
1st. Mr. G. Williams, 69 Evelyn Rd., Ringwood.(73)
2nd. D. & P. Smithson, 7 Pamela Court, Nth. Ringwood. (72)
3rd. Mrs. D. Kane, 16 Lynwood Ave., Ringwood East.(65)

Section 3: Home Garden - Front Only. Area that can be viewed from
the Street.
1st: Mr. L. Sperling, 4 Lorienne Rd., Heathmont.(67)
2nd. Mr. H. Smit, 21 Unsworth Rd., Ringwood.(63)
3rd. Mr. & Mrs. G. Schmad, 8 Lyn Crt., Ringwood.(53)

Section 4: Individual Garden in a Group of Flats or Home Units.
(may include rear garden)
1st: Mr. & Mrs. C. & B. Harris, Unit 6, 32 Wilana St.
2nd: Mr. & Mrs. W.C. & T. Wilson, Unit 5, 32 Wilana St.,
Ringwood. (49)

Section 5: Garden in Non-Residential Property.
There were no entries in this section.

The Ringwood Garden Competition is sponsored by the Ringwood City Council and organised by the Ringwood Garden Club.
The President and Committee of the Ringwood Garden Club would like to thank all home gardeners of Ringwood who entered this year's competition and hope they will enter again next year.
If you would like to know more about the activities of our Club, come along to our meetings, which are held on the FOURTH MONDAY of each month, in the Ringwood Senior Citizens Clubrooms, Greenwood Ave., Ringwood commencing at 8.00 p.m.
A warm welcome will be made to all visitors to our meetings.