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Churches - Ringwood Methodist Church

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3785.1 A hand written notes of the early history of the church. Several to the Town Clerk from the Ringwood Church trust and thr Public health department.
2. Minutes of meeting of the Ringwood Parsonage Trust 1909 and 1910
3. The Record of the Box Hill and Ringwood Methodist Circuits. Hand writen list of members of Ringwood Circuit.
4. Flyer for Back to Ringwood Methodist Church Jubilee, March 9th to 17th. 1929. Letter to Richard Carter from Aub (sic) who was eight years old at the time and can remember the Jubilee 4 Booklets about the Church Also a name tag for Miss V. Watson Assist. Secretary. Several cuttings, one full page spread from the newspaper about the Jubilee.
5. Ringwood Methodist Sunday School Tea and Meeting. Cutting from the Ringwood & Croydon Mail. The Wigley family were greatly represented.
6. Diamond Jubilee 17-28th. March ,1939 Program of Events
7. Six pages of hand written letters from the Methodist Circuit, letter to the Ringwood Councillors inviting them to the Centennary Celebrations of the Church,letter to the Town Clerk from Methodist Sunday School Surrey Hills regarding a picnic in Ringwood.
8. Ringwood United Churchmen's Association syllabus 1937
9. Pamphlet about Sunday Sport and the Christian Duty to Vote.
10.Ringwood Methodist Church news July 1963
11. Two Ringwood Methodist Church pamphlets for the 75th. Anniversary March 17th.-28th. 1954.
12.Copy of lease from the Methodist Church Trust for 30 years to use land in Ringwood
13. Carols by Candlelight (no year) and the Ringwood Methodist Church News March 1958, With memories of Christmas.
14.Pamphlet of the Laying of the Foundation Stone Saturday 18th. May 1963 and two pamphlets of the Opening and Dedication of the Ringwood Methodist church 9th. november 1963.
15.'The Messenger' Journal of the Ringwood Methodist Church December 1963.
16'. Forward in Faith' Review Stewardship Canvass August 1961. 11 pages outlining the plans for the proposed new Church.
17. Foolscap sheet typed with the Evening Service Sunday 6th. December 1970 with the Combined Circuit Choirs .Excerpts from 'The Messiah'
18. 'Recollections of Ringwood Methodism' issued at the celebration of the 98th. Anniversary of the Church 29th. may 1977. Compiled by Alf. Clark
19.Syllabus for the Uniting Church Fellowship Ringwood 1984
20.' Methodist Pioneers in the Croydon Area'. Work in Progress by Rev. Barry Brown
21.two page history of the ' Pipe Organ in the Ringwood Uniting Church' which was built by the Melbourne firm of Geo. Fincham & Sons. Plus a pge with' A Few Facts about the Organ'
22. Two Church Christmas cards (no year). one in envelope