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Pollard Photographs:; 1. Back of postcard of the Pollard home in Wonga Road (also called Anderson Creek Road Road, and now Warrandyte Road).; 2. One bushel net apples, J Pollard, Victoria, Australia.; 3. Joseph and Emma Pollard and Family. Emma is nursing baby Ethyl.; 4. Ringwood PS photograph. Jack Pollard is second from the RHS in the back row.; 5. Woods Point with arrow indicating mine manager's house: that of Joseph Pollard. Circa 1900. The Pollard family had a 20 acre orcharding property between Mullum Mullum Road and Wonga Road.

Given on 4th September 2010 by Arthur Lunt from his cousin. The Pollard family. School photo at Ringwood State School.

Jack�s father was Joseph � land (orchard) between Mullum and Wonga Roads +Additional Keywords: Pollard