Historical information

Produced for Enola Gay's participation in Hiroshima Day, Sat 6 August 1983, assembling at Belmore Park at 10 am under the Enola Gay banners. 0:00: Introduction and song; 3:50: Japanese instrumental music; 9:08: Commentary resumes - history of the bombing of Hiroshima, 6 Aug 1945, and Nagasaki 3 days later; 15:30: Music Tomorrow never comes until it's too late; 19:45: Commentary including accounts from survivors; 26:58: Music, Take the toys from the boys; 29:25: Commentary regarding arms race, including voice of Fabian LoSchiavo regarding dissident religious views in the USA; 33:05: Music, California dreaming; 36:10: Commentary re the practicalities of bomb shelters; 38:00: Music, Cancer, cancer; 41:40: Commentary re peace marches in Europe, health effects of radiation, civil defense in nuclear war, music; 47:35: Music, Universal soldier (cut off towards end), anti-war parody of Yankee Doodle Uncle Sam with Australian refs (Omega, Pine Gap etc); 59:10: Commentary regarding nuclear bomb testing at Marilinga (SA) and Monte Bello islands; 1:01:15: Music, 'But I aint a marchin' any more'; 1:04:05: Commentary re costs of arms race - refs to gay and feminist anti-war groups overseas; 1:05:58: Music, Down by the riverside/Aint gonna study war no more, promo for Enola Gay and prep for Hiroshima Day, instrumental music, music US forces (Midnight Oil), Soft touch (Poison Girls); 1:26:56: Music, Thank Christ for the bomb, eerie instrumental music, Maralinga (Midnight Oil), Not another bomb song, ending at 1:39:00.

Physical description

Maxwell UD XL I - C90 cassette tape

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed in biro on label: "ENOLA GAY Disarmament Special - Gaywaves 2SER 4/8/83."