Historical information

This memorial was erected by the residents of Apollo Bay and District in 1922.

Physical description

Colour photograph of the War Memorial at Apollo Bay, that features a scuplture of an Australian soldier with slouch hat and holding a rifle. It includes a list of those who served during World War One and World War Two. A characteristic figurative monument, the memorial comprises a single standing soldier, looking down the main street, a top a polished granite pedestal with honour roll set on a huge rock faced granite block.The memorial is fenced by heavy set square concrete bollards supporting heavy gauge chain between each. tBuilt by J. Wilson & Co. of Bendigo, the Apollo Bay Memorial depicts the lone soldier, a typical symbol of the sentiments of communities who had lost faith in heroism and had learnt to recognise the level of loss caused by war amongst ordinary volunteers. This recognition,which occurred throughout Australia, marked a turning point as the 'unknown soldier' was increasingly commemorated instead of military leaders as had previously been the traditional practice.