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Photographs – Set of 4 black and white photographs. One of a wooden church and three of rural homes and farmland. Area not identified

From the Collection of Kiewa Valley Historical Society Mount Beauty Information Centre 31 Bogong High Plains Rd Mt Beauty Victoria

1-Wooden church building with no identification. Large tree in the foreground in front of church
2&3- Black and white photographs of farmland and assorted dwellings, mostly miners style cottages in a valley with mountains in the background. A bridge with wooden railings is visible over the river in the middle of the photograph, also a more modern dwelling is visible in the north east of the photograph close to the river.
4-Black and white photograph of residential homes and farmland with an unsealed road running through the
middle. Foreground shows a field which has been semi cleared of trees (stumps remaining). In the background are larger farming properties with the road disappearing into the distant hills. This might be Old Tallangatta before the town was moved in 1956.
Various Sizes
Object Registration
KVHS 1128
buildings; church; farmland
Historical information
Europeans arrived in the Kiewa and Ovens Valleys in the 1830's and 40's. Following the drought of 1838-44, seeking out the rich pastures in the fertile Valleys. It proved to be perfect conditions for dairy farming and the raising of cattle. Miners Cottages and other similar wooden structures were a common sight in the area as they were a modest form of accommodation for their period, were quick to erect and economical as they made use of locally available building materials such as local timbers.
These photographs provide a snapshot into the early dwellings and architecture of the Kiewa and Ovens Valley regions, including buildings such as the church, which provided an important gathering place for social interaction, especially in these isolated areas.
Inscriptions & Markings
1-3 - No inscriptions
4- Signature written on back in lead pencil - Sandra Temple
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24 Mar 2020 at 5:34PM