Historical information

Button distributed to and worn by Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) members to promote safe movement of patients to reduce workplace injury. The Australian Nursing Federation Victorian Branch implemented the 'No Lifting' (now 'safe patient handling') policy in March 1998. The aim of the policy was to introduce in Victorian healthcare settings an approach to patient handling whereby the manual lifting of patients would be eliminated or minimised wherever possible. This Branch policy and strategies to implement it were a response to high incidence of back pain and workplace injury amongst nurses. The 'No Lifting' policy was accompanied by various conferences and expos to discuss harm minimisation strategies throughout 1998-2009, suggesting this badge is from this period.

Physical description

Circular red, black and white plastic badge. Silver metal, plastic-coated, with safety pin fastener adhered to back. Badge printed with 'I am a No Lifting Nurse', 'Caring for you' and the ANF [Australian Nursing Federation] logo.