Historical information

The stone bridge is one of the many bridges built along the Bendigo Rail Line. This one along with four others ar in Sunbury which were built in the late 1850s. his bridge spans the Ruoertswood Viaduct which is north of the Sunbury Station. The building in the LH corner was a pump house where water was pumped and taken to the water tower on Sunbury Station where the steam trains stopped to replenish the water tanks.


The Bendigo Rail Line was the first Government owned and operated to be constructed in Victoria. Along the railway a number of famous bridges and tunnels were built and are of historical significance. The bridge spanning the Rupertswood Viaduct is one of them.

Physical description

A black and white photograph with a cream border of a high bridge spanning a deep valley. The roof of a small building is visible in the bottom LHS corner of the photograph.