Historical information

Valhalla Trophy (Tray) Donor: Fred Moylan and syndicate Deed of Gift: Yes (see attachment) Fred Moylan, Even Macgregor and Ken McBriar were all past Commodores of RBYC and together with Malcolm McEachern were the owners of the yacht Valhalla. Valhalla was launched in 1910 as a cruising yawl, then in 1911 was rigged as a cutter for racing. She was 40 feet long and built for Percy Hedges, a past Commodore of RBYC. Horace Petley was also one of its crew in the early years. The Valhalla trophy was donated when the syndicate finally sold their boat and is awarded to the winner of the Division 2 summer aggregate series on PHD handicap. First Winner: Hot Shot, Graham Noel 1998/99