Historical information

Worane Trophy (Tray) Donor: Deed of Gift: The yacht Worane was built in 1915 for Brighton Sailing Club member Lionel Drury and who later joined Hobsons Bay Yacht Club where he later became Commodore. Worane was originally built as a top mast cutter and remained so until 1949 when RBYC members Ross Farrow and Harry Tyrell purchased her. Peter Timms also joined the crew at that time. Worane became a regular part of the RBYC racing fleet and also became known as a great party boat. In 1970 Worane was sold to a new syndicate headed by Leigh Weber and continued to race at RBYC until sold in 1983. Worane is currently being restored at Williamstown. The syndicate donated the trophy for an annual race RBYC to Port Arlingtom on IRC handicap, however due to berthing difficulties at Port Arlington the race was sailed over a mid-distance RBYC course and in 2010/11 the race was changed to RBYC to Queenscliff. The Worane race also now forms part of the Ingenue Series for cruising yachts on PHD handicap. First Winner: Wairaker, A. Larking 1979/80