Historical information

Article of World War 1
Refer to carved life size soldier with machine gun in foyer and photograph at its feet.

Physical description

A4 sheet of white paper has two cut-out sections of Veteran Affairs Newspaper article dated June 1998 glued on. Title Australian Corps Memorial Park. Article covers a Memorial cost $1.3 million dollars for dedication on 4th July 1998 consisting of three curved memorial walls for Australian soldiers that died during Wold War 2. The photograph included in the article was taken on August 8, 1918 which shows B company of the 29th Battalion - a Victorian Unit - being addressed by their platoon Commander. All 5 Australian Divisions took part in the major Allied attack on the German Lines - the first time the five Australian Divisions had fought together as the Australian Corps. (Under Australian Command) It is the First memorial on the Western Front dedicated to the Australian Corps. The park surrounding it includes a 500 meter walking tril with 18 information panels along its length on aspects of the battle.

Inscriptions & markings

Article was found in Veteran Affairs News dated June 1998, heading - Australian Corps Memorial Park.