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Miniature China Pieces (5)

From the Collection of Warrnambool and District Historical Society Inc. 2 Gilles Street (south of Merri St) Warrnambool Victoria

These five items are miniature china pieces, used in a doll’s house or as collection pieces for display in a home.
.1 Miniature house in red and cream colouring
.2 Miniature basket in brown and cream colouring
.3 Miniature jug or pot in brown and cream colouring (handle broken off)
.4 Miniature jug in brown and cream colouring
.5 Miniature brown urn
.1 W 3.5 cm. H 2.7 cm .2 W 3.2 cm. H 3.3 cm. .3 W 2 cm. H 2.3 cm. .4 W 2 cm. H 2.5 cm. .5 W 1.5 cm. H 1. 5 cm.
Object Registration
warrnambool, antiquarian household items, history of warrnambool
Historical information
Miniatures such as these are still made today as collection pieces and can be seen on display in some houses. Some of these items might also be used as furnishing pieces in dolls houses though dolls houses with quality fittings are not bought or sold today as much as in the past.
When Made
Mid 20th century
These china miniatures have no known local provenance but are retained for display purposes.
Inscriptions & Markings
.1 England
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19 Feb 2019 at 10:55AM