Historical information

This is one of the last 50 105 mm cannon shells fired in Sth Vietnam.

Physical description

.1) Brass Cannon Shell rimmed.
.2) Cardboard tube with end caps to hold shell.
.3) Card, RAA Badge.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) Base of shell stamped:
105 mm M14 Type 1
Lot ERM-1-43 1943
Place at base:
Presentation case number 31 of 50. Fired at Nui Dat Sth Vietnam by A Field Battery on the occasion of the Centenary of the Battery, 1 August 1971 whilst on active service with 12 field Regt RAA.

.2) Marked: Container M105A2 UAC 105 mm HOW.

.3) Card: This cartridge is number 31 of 50. Presented to Col Comdt E Comb by the Commanding Officer and all Ranks 12 Field Regiment RAA, Sth Vietnam 1971.