Physical description

Long khaki coloured heavy coat. Thick, sharp angled collars. Each collar has a split half way down and a small metallic hoop attached to the lower middle section of the high parts of the collars. Each shoulder has a lapel that is fastened with a plastic button. The coat is double breasted. There are three grey buttons for use on the right and three grey buttons for show on the left. There is also a spare button on the inside left front section near the breast area. There are two pockets on the front that are angled with the highest point near the centre and the lowest point near the hips. There is a small section of spare fabric attached with two small plastic buttons to the inner left of the jacket near the breast. The arms, underarm and upper back section contains an inside khaki coloured lining of thinner, most likely cotton fabric. Attached to this at the base of the neck is a satin or synthetic fabric label with inscriptions in black ink. Above this there is a thin strip of fabric attached at either short end to use for hanging the coat on a hook. At the back of the coat there is a single pleat stretching from the base of the neck to the base of the coat. Approximately half way down the pleat there is a split in the fabric that is fastened with two plastic buttons. At the waist there are two fabric flaps that fasten together at the back with three buttons.

Inscriptions & markings

The label attached on the inside at the base of the neck reads: “KINDRED MANUFACTURING / PTY LTD. / QLD / 1083” There is then a broad arrow followed by: “B406-66-093-1812 / SIZE 109 / TO FIT CHEST 100cm / NAME.................../ SERVICE No......................”