Historical information

This is a photograph showing the P.S. Alexander Arbuthnot about to be removed from the water to be transported to Shepparton for restoration. The Alexander Arbuthnot was pulled off the bottom of the river at Yielma in July 1972 and taken to Shepparton via Barmah in January 1973.


This photograph is significant as it shows the P.S Alexander Arbuthnot about to come out of the river, to be fully restored.

Physical description

A black and white photograph 13 cms X 9 cms of the P.S Alexander Arbuthnot under the Barmah Bridge, prior to being taken out of the river and taken to Shepparton.

Inscriptions & markings

Written on the back of the photo are the following words. "Alexander Arbuthnot being moved into position under the Barmah Bridge prior to removal from the water and transported to Shepparton for restoration 1971 - 1973. The paddle screamer was previously sunk near the Victorian bank. At Newmans property at Yielma."