Historical information

Used in WW2. Basically of german origin and manufacture but 'English' handset suggests capture and use by Australian forces possibly in Middle East Desert warfare.

Physical description

Black Rectangular Metal Box with Lid. Total Height 215mm (with lid closed), Body Height 140mm. Lid Height 75mm.Lid attached by full length Hinge on rear and locking Clip at front.Depth 90mm. Length 275mm.
Lid Outside: has overlapping lip to body when closed.Reinforcing metal attachment on left side rolls over to inside of lid and is attached by two screws. Front locking clip is spring loaded and attached to lid by 3 screws.
Lid Inside: Flexible metal plate to clip on handset. 2 inscription plates on left and right ends and telephone handset described separately
Body Outside:Front: 2 Jack plug points, vertically aligned 85mm from left, 25mm apart either side of mid point of height of bodyprotedted by protective pivot plate. Air vent plate attached with 2 screws adjacent to Jack plug holes (same on Back). Left side at top; metal plate for carry strap (same on right side). carry strap not with item.Right side; hole covered by protective cover plate centred 70mm from base , Wind-Up handle attached (described seoarately. Body Inside: 2/3 filled with visible metal and bakelite components in separate compartment containing unseen working parts. Left side contains morse code key in canvas bag (described separately).
Contents Inside Lid. Two schematics of wiring layouts attached to left and right ends. Removable Bakelite handset clipped into postion for carrying, attached cable has 4-pronged attachment connected to main section in body.
Contents Inside Body. Most working parts hidden inside metal container. White plastic button 'Pruttaste' is a test button; threaded screws on top for attachments not present.Two pieces of loose wire purpose unknown. Canvas Bag with zip, labelled DD with arrow between (Department of Defence) containing Morse Code Key; wire with large jackplug attachment connected to MC Key through the bag. Jackplug connects via front of body of object. The whole of this item is stored in left inside of body.

Inscriptions & markings

underside of handset says PRESS KEY WHILE SPEAKING and in smaller font size TELE HD NO 2