Historical information

Debutantes with partners. From back left: Kath Mulcahy (Peter Barber), Anne Leslie (Phillip Crawford), Fay Longworth (James McCann), Rhonda Dick (Jack Marshall),
Helen Pogue (Bruce Barber), Heather Gurden (Phillip Mactier), Shirley Lovett (Leslie Leaf),
Middle : Val Ryan (John Stewart), Theresa Noonan (Donald Stephens), Faye Beddell (Leslie Gavey), Doris De Lai (Ted Gavey), Mary Young (Terry Joyce), Ella Bunn (Neil Morgan), Patrick Dick ).
Front: Betty Forbes (Thomas Atley), Madeline Mc Mahon (Neil Thomas), Mrs Pearl Dick (Chaperone), Patricia Pearce (Don Whyte), Edna Hampton (Ian Henderson)

Physical description

Photo of 18 debutantes, with names of their partners in brackets. 1951