Historical information

This medal was awarded to children of Australia up to age of i4. The medal was designed by Charles Douglas Richardson, a sculptor. . One million, six hundred and seventy medals were produced and they were distributed in 1919 to mark the end of World War One. On the original medal the inscriptions included the words: "AUSTRALIA," "VICTORY", THE TRIUMPH OF LIBERTY AND JUSTICE " and " THE PEACE OF 1919"


This medal is significant as a memento of the declaration of peace at the end of World War One.

Physical description

Circular white metal medallion .The obverse features a figure of peace with decorative surrounds and on the top two doves and text. The reverse has a crown with rising sun rays. Below is a laurel wreath, a sailor and a soldier and text. It has a small ring attached to the top,

Inscriptions & markings

Obverse VICTORY, the rest is indecipherable on our item. Reverse AUSTRALIA, the rest is indecipherable on our item