Historical information

The Royal Australian Navy Uniforms are based on the uniform of the Royal Navy. They reflect traditions that can be traced back to the Royal Navy (England) and demonstrate the relationship between the two. This shirt is one of four parts to a Naval Ratings Uniform which was presumably owned by J.M. Parsons.


This shirt is one part of a naval ratings uniform which consists of four parts. The uniform is representative of the Royal Australian Navy uniform and can be traced to the Royal Navy (England). The complete uniform shows the connection between Australia and England since European settlement.

Physical description

White cotton short sleeved shirt with blue trimming around a square neckline. There are two slits on either side of the base of the shirt with rounded edges. There is a label stitched in the top/centre of the interior back of the shirt.

Inscriptions & markings

Owners name printed in capitals on the lower part of the back exterior fabric: "J.M.PARSONS"