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Photograph Album - Phillip Island Cemetery

From the Collection of Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc. Heritage Centre 89 Thompson Avenue COWES VICTORIA

466-29: John Blake Cleeland lived in the house his father built, "Woolamai House" in Newhaven. His property ran cattle, horses and angora goats. He had a great love of the sea although he never went to sea. He logged all shipping movements around the Eastern passage of Westernport. He was Captain-in-charge of the Rocket Apparatus Station at Newhaven, which was a rescue service for shipping.
466-30: Eleanor Blake (nee Lucas) came out from Ireland in 1860 together with her husband Edward Hudson Blake and children. For most of her life in Australia, she resided at Hastings. Her youngest daughter Isabella married John Cleeland, both of whom are buried in the cemetery. Eleanor moved from Hastings to "Woolamai House" in later years.
466-31: Margaret Jane Cleeland (nee Kennon) married John Blake Cleeland on May 21st 1903 at South Yarra. She was the daughter of Stanley Stowell Kennon, a farmer and her mother was Isabella (nee Turner). Margaret died in 1909 at the age of 30 years. At the time of her death she was survived by three children: Eileen Henrietta,
Ivy Florence & Reita Vermont.
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Historical information
The Album was compiled by Nancy McHaffie late 1990's, with the assistance of Edith Jeffery's, with her book "Garden of Memories" and extensive knowledge of Phillip Island.
The Cemetery lies back from the road and is surrounded by Manna Gums, rare Peppermint Gums, Blackwoods and other native trees. In all 25 acres of land were set aside as Crown Land in the land settlement of 1868. There are 6.2 acres of wetlands near the cemetery entrance.
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c 1990
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Kodak (Maker)
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