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Photograph Album - Phillip Island Cemetery

From the Collection of Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc. Heritage Centre 89 Thompson Avenue COWES VICTORIA

466-32: Stanley Stowel Kennon Sr. was born in Melbourne in 1852. He spent many years at Newhaven and Cowes. He was 24 years old when he spent six weeks on Seal Rocks obtaining Seal Oil. In 1888 he rescued Sir William Irvine and a friend when they were marooned on a small island whilst out fishing. He was presented with a gold watch and chain for his bravery. Stanley was known as one of the most capable and daring sailors ever connected to Phillip Island. He died in 1924 aged 72.
466-33: Lucy Cox was the wife of George Cox who was the first official mailman to Phillip Island. George had a love of the sea from boyhood serving as a British Sailor. He heard of the discovery of gold in Australia which brought him to Australia to try his luck. He built a hut on the foreshore opposite the Isle of Wight Hotel. He lived there until he disappeared; it is thought he drowned. Lucy died 3rd September 1888.
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phillip island cemetery, nancy mchaffie, edith jeffery, george cox, lucy cox, stanley kennon
Historical information
The Album was compiled by Nancy McHaffie late 1990's, with the assistance of Edith Jeffery's, with her book "Garden of Memories" and extensive knowledge of Phillip Island.
The Cemetery lies back from the road and is surrounded by Manna Gums, rare Peppermint Gums, Blackwoods and other native trees. In all 25 acres of land were set aside as Crown Land in the land settlement of 1868. There are 6.2 acres of wetlands near the cemetery entrance.
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c 1990
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Kodak (Maker)
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27 Mar 2019 at 11:23AM