Physical description

A deed appointing the Reverend Samuel Thornton as a trustee of the Ballarat School of Mines, after the death of former Trustee Rivett Henry Bland, and increasing the number of trustees by appointing James Millhinch Bickett. It includes a covering letter of Department of Lands and Survey Letterhead

Inscriptions & markings

... and whereas it is intended that forthwith after the execution hereof the said land and premises shall be so transferred that the same may become vested in the said Sir William John Clarke and John Warrington Rogers jointly with the said Right Reverend Samuel Thornton, Andrew Anderson and James Millhinch Bickett now these prexsents witness that the said Governor as such Governor as aforesaid in exercise of the power for this purpose given to him by the said Crown Grant and of every other power enabling him doth hereby appoint the Said Right Reverend Samuel Thornton to be a trustee of the land in place of the said Rivett Henry Bland and James Millhinch Bickett to the addition trustees. .. .