Historical information

donation source and providence unknown - common item issued to individual RSL Members across Victoria


As an historic RSL Badge from WW1 & WW2 membership periods
It is also in very good condition.

Physical description

The 'First Field Dressing' has a khaki cotton cover with a single stitched opening flap on the right hand end of the cover. The 'Contents' and 'Directions for Use' are written on the front exterior as follows:
Outer. Cotton
Break thread holding flap
Inner. Waterproof Covers
Tear apart at the uncemented corner (indicated by arrow).
Two dressings in Waterproof Covers,each consisting of gauze stitched to a bandage and a safety pin.
Directions for Use - Take the folded ends of the bandage in each hand, and, keeping the bandage
taut, apply the gauze pad to the wound and fix the
bandage. one dressing to be used for each wound.
In each case of head wounds when respirators have to
be worn, care should be taken to adjust the pad so
that it does not interfere with the fit of the facepiece.

Inscriptions & markings

Three x Large Badges (30mm (W) x 40mm (H) - With membership numbered on the rear of 45147, 70848, 74487 & 74642 stamped on the rear
These badges a brass with white blue and red enamel inlay. The badge is in the shape of shield with a regal crown on top. The shield is white enamel, with a blue enamel circle (containing the words - Returned Sailors & Soldiers Imperial League. Below the circle a red enamel ribbon is depicted with the word - Australia enclosed.
The brass centre of the badge has the figures of a Sailor & Soldier each carrying a rifle.
Two x Small Badges (18mm (W) x 24mm (H) - The smaller badge has the same material and colours but includes the third figure of an Airmen holding a rifle in the centre. The location of the organisation name has changed to Returned Sailors' soldiers' & Airmen's in the blue circle and red ribbon contains - Imperial League Australia.
One of the small badges has a green 67 year clasp fastened with three clasps around the crown. In this period Financial members received a new clasp for each year of financial membership.