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Photograph Album - Phillip Island Cemetery

From the Collection of Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc. Heritage Centre 89 Thompson Avenue COWES VICTORIA

Captain McLeod: Captain McLeod and family kept the Post Office at Newhaven. He also built a boat called old "Trusty" and launched it almost opposite Churchill Island. Unfortunately, at a later date, the "Trusty" was the cause of a tragedy. The bottom of the boat had become so encrusted with marine growth that the owner decided to beach her between the jetties at Griffiths point, now San Remo. Before the job was completed the soring gave way and allowed the boat to tip over on her side, causing Captain McLeod to be crushed to death. Died March 3rd 1880 aged 64 years. Also buried in this grave is his wife Susan - died May 24th 1882 aged 62 years. Their son Andrew McLeod died February 21st 1916 aged 60 - loved husband of Elizabeth E McLeod. Alexander was Captain of the "Genista" for 12 years.
10 x 15
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phillip island cemetery, captain alexander mcleod, susan mcleod, andrew mcleod, nancy mchaffie, edith jeffery
Historical information
The Album was compiled by Nancy McHaffie late 1990's, with the assistance of Edith Jeffery's, with her book "Garden of Memories" and extensive knowledge of Phillip Island.
The Cemetery lies back from the road and is surrounded by Manna Gums, rare Peppermint Gums, Blackwoods and other native trees. In all 25 acres of land were set aside as Crown Land in the land settlement of 1868. There are 6.2 acres of wetlands near the cemetery entrance.
When Made
c 1889
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Kodak (Maker)
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1 Apr 2019 at 2:40PM