The German occupation during WWII lives on in the memories of those who survived and the relatives of victims. Many Dutch emigrated during the post-war years but maintained their connection with the home country. This item was most likely acquired during a visit at the time of the 1993 exhibition of which it is the catalogue.

Physical description

Soft cover publication containing numerous photos taken between May 1940 and May 1945, the years of occupation by Germany.

Inscriptions & markings

The contents have been assembled by René Kok, Herman Selier and Erik Somers from the National Institute for War Documentation, Amsterdam.
Publisher is Waanders in Zwolle. A single page Foreword was written by Dr .L. de Jong.
The six divisions are headed: Introduction, Press Photography, Professional Photography, Colour Photography, Amateur Photography, Illegal Photography.
The back cover carries 6 thumbnails indicative of the 6 divisions and a sticker showing the price of €14.95.