Historical information

Derwent Jacks became Springdallah and the church was closed in 2019 after over a century. The church had not been in regular use for 40 years. This chalice is inscribed in the old district name of Derwent Jacks and is therefore a rare survivor of the gold rush era in what is today a rural area. It carries the retailers mark of Pelligrini a Melbourne firm of jewellers and silversmiths who supplied much church plate to the Catholic church in Victoria.


This chalice is significant in its inscription denoting its use for the church community at Derwent Jacks which became know later as Springdallah, the original name no longer in use.

Inscriptions & markings

St Patrick's Derwent Jacks inscribed to foot. Pelligrini, EPNS stamped to undeside of base.