Historical information

This folder contains photographs, advertisements and a sample of a piece of blanket from the Warrnambool Woollen Mill. This mill was officially opened in South Warrnambool in 1910 following the establishment of a local public company. The first manager was John Bennett from Yorkshire, England. The operations of the mill expanded with new buildings enabling the business to double in size by 1915. In the 1940s the factory was employing 700 people. In 1968 the factory was sold to Dunlop Australia but was sold again in 1982 to Onkaparinga Woollen Company. In 1983 Mcquarie Worsteds took over the factory with the business then known as Warrnambool Textiles. In 2000 the mill closed and most of the buildings were later demolished for a housing estate.


This item is an attractive and informative memento of one of Warrnambool’s most important businesses of the past. The Warrnambool Woollen Mill operated for 90 years and employed many local people. The photographs are of particular interest.

Physical description

This is a rectangular-shaped sheet of buff-coloured lightweight cardboard. It has been folded twice to create six pages in a folder. Three pages contain black and white photographs of the woollen mill operations and two pages contain advertising material with black and white images. One page has a cream blanket piece of material attached to the page by two staples and this has the brand name stitched onto the right hand corner This piece of blanket also has a paper guarantee card attached by staples.

Inscriptions & markings

The Warrnambool Woollen Mill Co. Ltd. South Warrnambool
The 100% Wool Warrnambool Super Blanket Made in Australia