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Medal - 1919 Children's Peace Medal (silver replica medallion attached to card)

From the Collection of Eltham District Historical Society Inc 728 Main Rd Eltham Victoria

Round medal stuck on coloured card with text on back and front.

12cm x 6cm
Object Registration
medallion, medal, medalet, anzac centenary, commemoration
Historical information
This object was part of various pieces enclosed in a folio entitled "ANZAC centenary : 2014-2018 sharing Victoria's stories &​ making connections : their journey is our story" produced by the Victorian State Government which was distributed as a free resource in 2014 at the beginning of the Anzac Centenary. Original condition would have included a clear cellophane enclosure.

One side of the medal appears on the card. This features a symbolic female figure of Peace, holding a sword and standing on a plinth marked 'PEACE 1919'. Behind her flies a dove, and at her left and right feet are two figures freed from their shackles. (AWM description).

The medals were originally suspended from a narrow piece of red, white and blue striped cotton ribbon which appears as illustration on the card.

In 1919, Australian children under 16 received a silver-coated medallion – a special reminder of the service and sacrifice of Australians at war.
When Made
Inscriptions & Markings
Card Front: Between 1914 and 1918, men and women from the State of Victoria volunteered their service in the First World War. Between 2014 and 2018, Victorians honour their service and sacrifice. Lest We Forget.

Anzac Centenary 2014-2018 Sharing Victoria's stories & making connections

Card Back: 1919 Children's Peace Medal
In 1919, Australian children aged 16 and under received a silver coated medallion. For such a small object, it carried a large responsibility - to remind a generation of the service and sacrifice of Australians throughout the First World War.

The Children's Peace Medal was a reminder that peace had been achieved, but at great cost. Now, 100 years on, this replica medallion serves to connect Victorians to the Anzac Centenary, teach them about our service history and encourage them to share their stories with future generations.

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Anzac Centenary 2014-2018 Sharing Victoria's stories & making connections

Medal : Peace 1919 Australia
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