Historical information

After the second world war there was a decision made to create a memorial for the 1939-45 War at the Shrine. A competition was held and 53 entries assessed. The first prize was shared between two submissions and the third prize money was also awarded. These two documents show that Legatee Kemsley was one of the Assessors who decided the basis of design for the memorial. The notes of a meeting of the Assessors show that Mr W. Balcombe Griffiths, Mr Marcus Martin, Colonel Kemsley and Sir Edmund Herring (Chairman of the Shrine Trustees) were present when the winning design was chosen.
The design was later completed as the Forecourt in the shape of a paved cross, built in 1953, and the Cenotaph surmounted by a statuary group and the Eternal Flame. The memorial was dedicated and the flame set alight by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on February 28 1954.


A record of the decisions made by the committee that chose the design of the memorial for the 1939-45 war that was built as the Forecourt, the Cenotaph and the Eternal Flame at the Shrine of Remembrance. Legatee Kemsley was on the committee.

Physical description

White quarto paper with black type x 3 pages, two pages are a report to the Shrine Trustees on the competition for the design of the 1939 War Memorial and the third page is notes on a meeting of the Assessors of the competition.

Inscriptions & markings

01187.2-3 Handwritten in pencil 'Shrine'. Title is: "Report of Assessors appointed to examine and award prizes from theses received in connection with the 1939 War Memorial Competition Conducted by the Shrine of Remembrance Trustees"