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Teak memorabilia taken from HMS Ship "Iron Duke", Admiral Jellicoe's flag ship.

From the Collection of Chiltern Athenaeum Trust 57 Conness Street Chiltern Victoria

a Piece of wood (teak) taken from the ship HMS Iron Duke Admiral Jellicoe's flag ship, in 1916 (Jutland).
235mm x 25mm
Object Registration
ww1 the great war 1914-1918, hms iron duke, british navy, battle of jutland
Historical information
HMS Iron Duke was a dreadnought battleship of the Royal Navy, the lead ship of her class, named in honour of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. She was built by Portsmouth Dockyard, and her keel laid in January 1912. Launched ten months later, she was commissioned into the Home Fleet in March 1914 as the fleet flagship. She was armed with a main battery of ten 13.5-inch (340 mm) guns and was capable of a top speed of 21.25 knots (39.36 km/h; 24.45 mph).

Iron Duke served as the flagship of the Grand Fleet during the First World War, including at the Battle of Jutland. There, she inflicted significant damage on the German battleship SMS König early in the main fleet action. In January 1917, she was relieved as fleet flagship. After the war, Iron Duke operated in the Mediterranean as the flagship of the Mediterranean Fleet. She participated in both the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War in the Black Sea and the Greco-Turkish War. She also assisted in the evacuation of refugees from Smyrna. In 1926, she was assigned to the Atlantic Fleet, where she served as a training ship.
When Made
circa 1916
WW1 HMS Iron Duke in the Battle of Jutland 1916.
Inscriptions & Markings
Brass plate attached to wood reads as follows:
From the Teak of HMS Iron Duke Admiral Jellicoe's Flag Ship Jutland 1916.
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