Historical information

Black and White photo Company "A" 2/21


Rare item of historical value due to the battallion being taken prisoner by Imperial Japanese soldiers at Ambon. The Australians suffered at the hands of their captures.

Physical description

Photograph of members of " A" Company 2/21st Battalion Australian infantry Taken in Melbourne. Vic. Group portrait of A Company, 2/21st Battalion. Left to right: front row: Chafer, Hartley, Bailey, Fisher, Breen, Marsh, Lance Corporal (L Cpl) Billings, Smith, Knuckey, McKenzie, Wilson, Dallagh, Jones, Redwood, Turnbull, Rutley, Minetti, Gravener and Corporal Borr (?). Second row: Winter, Brander, M.F. Osborne, V.F.H. Hubbard, Gladigou, Alison, Davies, Blair, Edney, Tuddenham, B. Tucker, Sergeant (Sgt) Stanbridge, Captain (Capt) Wesley, Lieutenant (Lt) Thomas, Sgt Stayte, Beachley, Hallowell, A. Osborne, Thatcher, Watson, unidentified, Ericson, Hadlow, Tucker, McGregor, C.R. O'Bryan and Bradley. Third row: Walker, R.R. Hubbard, Hutchins, L Cpl Kirwan, Mason, J.M. Francis, Corson (?), Leslie, Dunbar, Arnold, Inkster, Balcombe, Corporal Leary, Beckwirth, Barclay, Blanks, Conway, Bolwell, Rigney, Orange, Taylor, Dihood, Mitchell, Donchi, Howard, Flintoff, Hill, Capon, Lewin, L Cpl Eouid (?), Sgt Jacobs. Fourth row: Sgt Seabrooke, Privates King, Jorgenson, O'Halloran, Simmons, Amesbury, Kofoid, Daff, L Cpl Guest, Cooke, Ordish, Stratton, three cooks named Keel, Tullett and Brown, Privates Turner, Dahlberg, Uren, Ansett, Moran, Fry, Penny, Phillips, Lock, Loch, Perrin, Snodgrass, Argus, Gee, Corp Boyce.

Inscriptions & markings

Photo and frame A Coy 2/21 with names inscribed there on. Black ans white photo by H.M. Walker, Wentworht House, 203 Collins Street, Melbourne.