Historical information

This digital image is taken at the time of the opening of the 'Annie Dane Ward' in the Melbourne District Nursing Society After-Care Hospital. Mrs. G. G. Henderson is the Society's President. She is receiving a Centenary gift, a cheque of 500 pounds, from Mrs. Robert Hunter, on behalf of Mr. John Stephenson Dane. Mr. Edgar, M.L.C,. officially designated the Ward and The Rev. A. T. Holden, President-General of the Methodist Church of Australasia, dedicated the Ward. The portrait of Mrs. Annie Dane hangs above the fireplace in the Ward.


The Melbourne District Nursing Society, (MDNS), built the After-Care Home in 1926. The Home was extended and the name changed to Melbourne District Nursing Society and After-Care Hospital in 1934. It was situated at 45 Victoria Parade, Collingwood and various Wards were named after donors or patrons of MDNS After Care. Patients of the Society who needed more care than could be given at home, but did not need hospitalization, were admitted to the After Care, along with many patients from Melbourne hospitals who needed further care before going home. Many children were nursed there, some long term, during the Polio epidemic and MDNS employed teachers to give them schooling. In September 1930 an Ante-Natal Clinic was established. In October 1934 a Women's Welfare Clinic was opened to educate women on birth control. This was the first of its kind in Melbourne. The MDNS After Care Hospital was under District's banner until 1956. In 1957 the MDNS and the After-Care separated with the Government taking over the running of the After-Care. Melbourne District Nursing Society then became the Melbourne District Nursing Service and, after Royal patronage, became Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS).

Physical description

In the centre of this digital image, and on the left of the group, is Mrs. G. G. Henderson, who is wearing a black hat over her short grey curled hair and a black coat with fur collar and cuffs over a white top. She has a and white broach attached to the collar of the coat. She is side-on looking to her right facing Mrs. Robert Hunter, who is wearing a small brimmed black hat over short dark curled hair, and is wearing a white blouse, with broach in the centre, and dark skirt under a long dark fur coat with a white broach attached to the collar. She is wearing white gloves and has a small white paper cheque in her right hand which she is handing to Mrs. Henderson. Behind and between Mrs Henderson and Mrs. Hunter, is Mr. Edgar, who has sparse white hair and a white moustache. He is wearing a black three piece suit over a white shirt and dark tie. A watch chain is attached to his vest and a white badge is on the left collar of his jacket. To the right of Mrs Hunter is a Ministers of Religion who has sparse white hair, and is wearing a three piece black suit over a white clerical collar and black 'front piece'. He has a watch chain attached to his vest. To his right is another Minister of Religion, who is wearing a close fitting white cap over his short grey hair and is wearing a dark coat. His white clerical collar and black 'front pierce' are seen; he is holding a brimmed hat in his left hand. Thirteen Sisters, some partly hidden, wearing white uniforms, veils and dark capes are present in two groups; one on the left of the photograph and behind some of the Official party. The other group are to the right behind the last two of the Official party with two Sisters in the right foreground. Next to them, on the far right of the photograph is another Minister of Religion wearing a dark suit, white clerical collar and black 'front piece'. In front of Mrs. Hunter and the first Minister of Religion is a small white wooden table with papers on it. On the rear wall, above the fireplace, hangs a portrait of Mrs. Dane. Part of a vase with foliage is seen to the left of the portrait, and shorter foliage below it. Part of tall foliage is seen on the right hand side of the portrait.