Historical information

Axle box cover from a Tasmanian Main Line Railway rail vehicle from 1874

The Tasmanian Main Line Railway Company (T.M.R.L.) was a privately owned railway company that existed in Tasmania from 1872 to 1890. The company were the first operators of rail services between Hobart and Launceston, where it connected with the Launceston and Western Railway (L.W.R.)
It started construction of a 3' 6" gauge line between Hobart and Launceston in 1873 which was completed in December 1875. and was officially opened on 1 November 1876. The route of the railway was selected largely as a result of vocal local interests and accordingly traversed some reasonably unfavorable topography, particularly in the southern section. Because the TMLR had limited finances, the line was built to the narrow (1067 mm) gauge and included long sections of steep gradients and sharp curves. The final eighteen kilometres of the route from Western Junction to Launceston used the existing broad gauge alignment of the Launceston and Western Railway, with a third rail being laid for use by the narrow gauge trains
A close but uncomfortable relationship with the Government was resolved in 1890 with the purchase of the company's assets by the Crown and their incorporation into the Tasmanian Government Railways on 1 October 1890.


Historic early Tasmanian Main Line Railway - Vehicle Axel Box cover

Physical description

Axle box cover from a Tasmanian Main Line rail vehicle from 1874.

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T.M.L.R - 1874 -