Historical information

An RDNS Sister had previously visited Mrs. Crook in her home and assessed the nursing care she required. Following the Sister's instructions, the Home Health Aide in this photograph, Robin Brown, is assisting Mrs. Crook from her lounge chair onto her walking frame. Mrs. Crook's son, Robert is also assisting his mother.
Home Health Aides were employed and trained by Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) from 1980. They wore a RDNS royal blue uniform, which has a white trim and RDNS badge applied to the left hand side, and a dark blue cardigan.


In 1980, a Home Health Aide ‘Pilot study’, funded by the Federal Government, the Brotherhood of St. Laurence and RDNS, with the program written and taught by RDNS Principal Nurse Educator. Pat (Paddy) Rowley, was evaluated as successful. Following this Pilot study, Home Health Aides were employed by RDNS, and after instruction in the RDNS Education department, joined RDNS Centres and worked under the supervision of the RDNS Trained nurses (Sisters). The Sister assessed each patient, then introduced and supervised the Health Aide in the patient procedure required. The Sister wrote out clear, concise procedural instructions on a work card which the Health Aide followed each visit. If the Health Aide noticed any change in the patient’s condition, this was reported immediately and the Sister visited. The Sister made routine visits to the patient for review at least monthly.

Physical description

On the left of this black and white photograph is Royal District Nursing Service, Home Health Aide, Robin Brown, who has dark shoulder length hair and is wearing a dark cardigan over her dark coloured uniform which has white piping at the edge. To her right is Mrs. Crook who is sitting froward in her lounge chair. A walking frame, which has a material bag hanging from the front bar, is in front of her. Robin Brown has her left hand on Mrs Crook's back and her right hand under her arm. Mrs. Crook has curly white hair; is wearing glasses which are resting partly down her nose, and is wearing a light coloured cardigan over her dark dress. Part of a necklace of pearls can be seen hanging over her dress. She is smiling and looking at the camera. She has her right hand on the upper part of the right wing of the walking frame and her left hand is on the top hand grip section on the left wing of the frame. To her right, her son, Robert, who is squatted down by the chair, has short dark hair and is wearing a checked shirt. He is holding the left wing of the walking frame with his left hand and his right arm is extended with his hand on his mother's back. Closed floral curtains are seen in the rear of the photograph.

Inscriptions & markings

Photographer's stamp