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Pastel Portrait - A portrait of Friedrich Goldschmied

From the Collection of Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum 49 Hogan Street Tatura VIC

This is a pastel portrait of Friedrich Goldschmied by Robert Hofmann.
71 cms X 62 cms
Object Registration
friedrich goldschmied, robert hofmann, tatura internment camps
Historical information
This pastel portrait by Robert Hofmann is of Friedrich Goldschmied. He was born in a Polish village on 28 May 1912, then part of the Austrian - Hungarian empire, but lived for the early part of his life in Vienna. By 1938/39 he and his stepfather, as Jews, fled across Europe and somehow ended up in England by 1940. His Mother, who refused to believe the danger, sadly ended in one of the camps. In England he was interned as an enemy alien on the Isle of Man. Refusing to join the Pioneer Corps he was a passenger on the notorious Dunera. I am sure you know this nasty bit of history and remained in the camp in Tatura, as far as I know, until returning to England in 1947. As you see from the portrait it was drawn in 1941 by Robert Hofmann, also an internee in Tatura. He married in 11 February 1954 and died in 29 October 1978. His wife died last year (2014).
This portrait was drawn by Robert Hofmann, in camp 2 at Tatura.
Lurline Knee is responsible for writing the history of this artist and Friedrich Goldschmied.
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