Historical information

Neville Bunning was a staffmember at the Ballarat Technical Art School.

Physical description

Two page hand written letter relating to setting up a Ballarat Art Society. From Neville Bunning to the Ballarat Art Gallery.

Inscriptions & markings

604 Dana Street
20th Aug 46

The Secretary
Ballarat Art Gallery

Dear Sir,
I submit the attached proposition for the formation of the Ballarat Art Society.
I am convinced that it is needed as an outlet of expression for teh Art School and for the development of sculpture and Painting in Ballarat.
I have taken the liberty of suggesting that your committee shld form the society because I imaginbe that a society formed withou your support would be unlikely to succeed. If it failed it would mean a set-back for many years.
U trust that you will be interested in the proposition

Yours faithfully
Neville M. Bunning.