Historical information

Murray Comrie Collection.

Physical description

Monochrome photograph of a group of children assembled in rows for a school photograph. Accompanied by two sets of handwritten notes (catalogued separately as a Research Notes) with children's names.

Inscriptions & markings

Names of children combined from both set of notes are believed to be:

Left to Right

Back/4th row: Alice Duggan, Eva Newton, Mary Darling (or M. Emerson), Iris Heraud, Vida Cottle, Phyllis Cottle, Sadie Taylor (or M. Radnell), May Lamprell, Mavis Comrie, Nell Alexander, Madge Whimpey, Kath Duggan.

3rd row: Headmaster/teacher A. "Boss" Alison, Dulcie Goltz, Annie Grey, Enid Stobie, Ettie Jenkins, Lil Comrie, Mary Riordan, Clara Radnell, Ena Bock, Edith Gedling, Rose Heraud.

2nd row: Olive Jenkins, Winnie Duggan, Pearl Lamprell, Betty Radnell, Edna Jenkins, Dora Goltz, Murray Comrie, Ron Heraud, Theo Riordan, Syd Goltz, Tom Comrie, B. Radnell, Stan Whimpey, Andy Heraud.

Front/1st row: Bill Gedling, Jim Duggan, Frank (or Stan) McNamee, Andy Graham, Angus Comrie, Jack Grey, Bill Graham, Alan Alexander, Roy Alexander, Bill Riordan.