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Stoneware bottle

From the Collection of Mont De Lancey 71 Wellington Road Wandin North Victoria

A collection of six stoneware bottles.
Small pottery bottle referred to as a "Penny ink" bottle. Which got it's name because of the price of 1d = 1 penny.
Medium glazed brown pottery bottle (Angus & Co. Ink Commercial).
Large glazed brown pottery bottle (Bourne-Denby). Sample is from England probably sold for 2/- or 2/6d. Two shillings or two shillings & sixpence.
Two Erven Lucas Bols - Het Lootsje Amsterdam. Referred to as "Dutch gins". Actually contained "Seltzer spa water" or a form of quinine tonic. Both supposed to be health drinks.
Green/black bottle is a traditional Dutch gin with tapering sides, it made easy to remove mould after being blown by hand. The cork top was applied by an apprentice. Sample dates to approx 1900.

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