Historical information

Murray Comrie Collection. This photograph taken after the amalgamation with the Borough of Tarnagulla Council in 1915. Middle row, fourth from left is Walter (Wattie) Corrie, the Tarnagulla Baker, fourth from left is James Duggan, Tarnagulla Agent. Shire of Bet Bet Proclaimed Sept 20, 1864 Re-defined Feb 10, 1891 Tarnagulla Borough united Oct 1915 Dunolly Borough united Nov 1, 1921 Re subdivision from 5 to 3 ridings Oct 1952

Physical description

Monochrome photograph of a group of men assembled in rows for a photograph. No caption or explanation accompanies photograph. Probably depicts members of the Shire of Bet Bet Council in the 1920s. Location and names unknown.