Historical information

Murray Comrie Collection.

The buildings in this image are (from left to right) the lockup, stable and office of the Tarnagulla Police complex. At far left a small part of the rear of the policeman's residence is visible. This residence is clearly depicted in THA-2019.0030. Behind the residence and outbuildings (in background of this photo) was an adjoining paddock for the police horses. This town block was the base for policing in Tarnagulla from 1878 until the 1990s.

At the time of this photo (1924), Angus Comrie Snr was the constable for Tarnagulla, living at the police residence with his family. The residence was sold for removal in in the 1960s and replaced with a prefabricated residence and small office from Bealiba which were used until the 1990s. These as well as the lockup are still in place (as of 2019) on the corner of Victoria and Gladstone Streets. There are now private residences built on the former police horse paddock.

For over 100 years the Comrie name has been involved with the Victoria Police. Angus Comrie Snr, joined the force in 1899 and served as constable in Kaniva and Avoca and then in Tarnagulla from late 1909 until 1927. His son Murray Comrie, born in Tarnagulla in 1912 also became a policeman and later a Chief Superintendent, retiring in 1972 and passing away in 1983 after a long illness. Murray Comrie's son Murray Jnr., to avoid confusion became known by his middle name, Neil. Neil Comrie also joined Victoria Police and and rose through the ranks to become Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police from 1993 to 2001.

The Murray Comrie Collection held by Tarnagulla History Archive was collated in the 1970s by Murray Comrie (1912-1983).

Physical description

Sepia photographic postcard, image depicting members of the Angus Comrie family standing among police outbuildings in Tarnagulla. Based on the note on reverse of THA-2019.0030, the subjects are probably (left to right): Hilda Comrie (b.1904, married in1907 to Alf Clarke), Roy Comrie (b.1921), Keith Comrie (b.1911, d.1934) and either Angus Comrie Jr. (b.1909) or Murray Comrie (b. circa 1912).

Inscriptions & markings

See second image for handwritten notes on reverse.